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      Rimbala™ is an evidence-based falls prevention program that uses music and movement as the means to improve the physical, cognitive and artistic lives of seniors.   

     Rimbala™ was developed by Dr. Daniel Rubinoff, an award-winning performer, composer and conductor. The method is informed by Dr. Rubinoff's extensive background in Dalcroze Eurhythmics and by his interests in Taoist Tai Chi, Alexander Technique, Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals.









          Rimbala™ combines live, improvised music with simple movement activities to help seniors improve gait regularity, balance and mobility. The improvised music in Rimbala™ is dynamic and invites seniors to develop brain plasticity in a joyful and socially interactive environment. Each class is unique. Seniors help to shape the music and the movements with the Rimbala™ instructor. Research shows that live improvised music paired with rhythmic movements reduces falls among seniors by an amazing 54% (see Trombetti et al. (2001), Arch. Int. Med. 171: 525-533).

          Seniors can benefit from Rimbala classes in a number of different ways. Weekly classes are available in the community and at selected retirement centers. Dr. Rubinoff also gives public demonstrations for various community and private health organizations. Additionally, he offers private, on-on-one Rimbala classes.

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