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Rimbala™ is an evidence-based falls prevention program that uses music and movement to improve the physical, cognitive, and artistic lives of seniors.


Mary Hannis, Toronto

"I love Rimbala! Rimbala, which is movement through music, has improved my balance and reminds me to focus on posture. It stimulates mind and body, and it is fun!"

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Gord M. , Toronto

“It was gratifying to observe how much M enjoyed her experience with your Rimbala program last spring. She loved the opportunity to engage and fraternize with friends while being involved with exercises which are so good for her.”

Rimbala Seated Gestures_edited_edited.jpg

Dr. Patricia Wright, Toronto

"As a teacher and conductor, I have found Rimbala to be such a help in reminding me of the importance of expressing the music through movement and gesture. I have already used some of Daniel's techniques with my children’s and handbell choirs!"


Rimbala is an innovative falls-prevention program for seniors that combines movement and music in a new way.


Rather than using pre-recorded music as an accompaniment to repetitive exercises, Rimbala classes are led by a professional musician who improvises the music in real time, in order to create a wide variety of musical speeds, textures, styles and moods.


Check out our podcast with the amazing Mosaic Home Care Services & Community Resource Centre!

Interested in bringing RIMBALA to a location near you?

Do you care and support at a senior living community, and are interested in providing Rimbla classes for your residents? Find out if Rimbala is a good fit with this quick and easy questionaire!

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