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"I love Rimbala! Rimbala, which is movement through music, has improved my balance and reminds me to focus on posture. It stimulates mind and body, and it is fun!"

Mary Hannis, Toronto


“You are a very special teacher who makes your ideas so realistic and helpful.”

Nancy Rowe, Toronto

“You are a great teacher. You make it fun while learning our exercises. I make it a point to practice the exercises at home.”

Lil Goulet, Toronto


"As a teacher and conductor, I have found Rimbala to be such a help in reminding me of the importance of expressing the music through movement and gesture. I have already used some of Daniel's techniques with my children’s and handbell choirs!"
Dr. Patricia Wright

Director of Music, Metropolitan United Church, Toronto



“It was gratifying to observe how much M enjoyed her experience with your Rimbala program last spring. She loved the opportunity to engage and fraternize with friends while being involved with exercises which are so good for her.”

Gord M., Toronto

I have appreciated this experience as a gentle exercise program. For an older individual it is so suitable. Still, there is a bit of muscular stiffness next day after some classes; this indicates we are truly exercising though the routine may not appear that strenuous. The musical and rhythmic aspects of this program are new to me, but nonetheless enjoyable and enriching.While the originator and his theory were unknown to me, Daniel's teaching and demonstrating have opened a new world to me. 

Bruce M., Toronto 



As a stroke survivor of ten years, I have found the rhythmic aspect of this program to be gentle, yet the exercise was felt afterwards in various muscles. Also as the rhythm often changed, it really kept me alert. At one point it felt as though a new part in my brain had opened up. Relating the various tactile exercises to various parts of the body, depending on whether the music was coming from the bass, middle or upper chords on the piano, kept one thinking at all times.

Then too, it was most enjoyable. The social aspect of this program where you had to interact with many different persons was also something to which one looked forward.

Nancy Misener, Toronto

Before our latest life journey, my husband and I were living an average life as we headed towards retirement. After almost three years of horrible health turns, where he lost a leg to amputation, we have come out the side stronger than ever. I had found that he had to think things through slower than before. I see and feel that after just a couple of sessions of Rimbala he is reacting and moving quicker and easier than before. It’s like his brain was given a jump start. This seems to have flowed over to all parts of his life. He has gone back to swimming as an exercise. He has even gone back to curling (wheelchair now) after ten years of absence. He loves the social aspect of it. His interaction is much freer than before. We both look forward now to our weekly social dance class.       

Effie B., Toronto

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